The Hosting for MODX Revolution

Update system core in 1 click
Integration with
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Optimal for MODX Revolution

Choose an actual control system version, the Hosting will install and send the required access. Our servers are optimized to function with MODX Revolution.

Integration with Add-on Store

Try the Add-ons from on a free test website. The Hosting will set up a job with the repository and install selected components.

Fast copying of websites and transfer among accounts

You can copy a website, make changes and delete an old version. Ready websites can be transferred among accounts.

Monitoring of work sites

You can always see how it behaves in each site and how much resources it consumes. Statistics displayed for the current day, with the ability to rewind.

Secure and speedy

Backup copies

Are generated daily and automatically. You can also make backups and restore data from the control panel by the hosting manually.

Quick MODX update

To the latest version from the Hosting panel will ensure the operation of your business without losses and downtimes.

Best performance speed

Best speed indicators by comparing users websites of MODX.PRO. About research technique

Control panel

Add a new site with packages
Creating and restoring backups
The control panel with websites
The management of Nginx web-server
Site details. Passwords and addresses.
Monitoring of sites work

Our clients

Plans and facilities

Domains SSD
Test 1 site, 0 domains 0.25 Gb 30 sec. 64 Mb 2 Free Choose
Development 1 site, 0 domains 0.5 Gb 30 sec. 128 Mb 2  1.15 / month
 12.63 / year
Minimal 1 site, 3 domains 2 Gb 30 sec. 128 Mb 3  2.77 / month
 30.32 / year
Optimal 1 site, 6 domains 8 Gb 45 sec. 256 Mb 6  5.54 / month
 60.65 / year
Maximal 1 site, 10 domains 16 Gb 60 sec. 512 Mb 10  9.23 / month
 101.08 / year
Maximal x2 1 site, 20 domains 32 Gb 120 sec. 1024 Mb 20  18.46 / month
 202.15 / year
Maximal x4 1 site, 40 domains 64 Gb 240 sec. 2048 Mb 40  36.92 / month
 404.31 / year

Referral program

Refer a friend and get  1.54 for bonus score!
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24 hours to test The Hosting and Add-ons from the Store