When you migrate your sites, you can delegate to our service the management of its domains.

This is very simple. First, you need to create a new zone in domain management.

Then add the necessary A records to it, which will point to the IP address of the site. Here are 2 options:

The first option is more convenient because if you move to another server within our hosting, the necessary A records will be changed automatically.

After that, it remains only to delegate your domain to our servers:


If suddenly, for some reason, your registrar does not want to work with these NS servers, enter those:


If you want to use Yandex mail (or another service), you need to transfer therefrom 3 more entries.

MX record

And 2 TXT records. One with SPF rules

Second with DKIM signature

Do not forget that you bought the saem domain from your registrar, we only give it to you for maintenance, For its own convenience. Regarding the renewal of payment for the domain, you still need to contact your registrar.