We do not have our own e-mail server, there is a simple reason that e-mail for domains in Yandex provides all you need for free. Using this service you get:

As you know, any hosting will not be able to compete with such an impressive list


First of all, you have to add your domain и to confirm the right to control the domain by any convenient way.

Then you need to move the MX and TXT records to the DNS settings so that all other mail servers know exactly how you are receiving the mail.

Now you can create new e-mail for your domain. Go to https://connect.yandex.ru/portal/admin/ and click "Add"

Then you have to login and accept terms:

Yandex SMTP usage in MODX

Yandex SMTP usage let you send letters from its server and it gives you DKIM signature and SPF validation and it contributes to message delivery to different recipients.

All setting of MODX mail are kept in the individual section:

To turn on the mail sending through Yandex servers, you have to change the following parameters:

Or you can install yaSMTP and this settings will be will be set automatically.

You can check mail sending with QuickEmail package.


As soon as you are sure that there are no mistakes and you receive letters – you can delete this package.


On free tariffs you cannot send mails though our server, to avoid the usage of testing websites by spammers.

However, sending letter through Yandex SMTP will work without trouble.